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The Scottish victory at Stirling Bridge resulted in the English invading.On the 11th of September, 1297, William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeated the English forces, led by John DeWarenne.

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William Wallace Pictures and Images. Stone arch bridge crossing the River Forth in the countryside near Stirling. On 11 September 1297,.This is a speech based on the speech delivered by William Wallace on September 11th, 1297, before the Battle of Stirling.Scottish Independence: Battle of Stirling Bridge. Independence: Battle of Stirling Bridge. forces were victorious at Stirling Bridge on September 11, 1297.

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Battle of Stirling, 11th September: 1297:. called the Battle of Stirling, which was fought September 11,.

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Wallace, Sir William. and descended on it crossing the bridge over the Forth by Stirling on 11 th September 1297.

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Stirling Bridge: Amazing. battle that took place on 11th September 1297 when the forces of Andrew Moray and William Wallace defeated the combined.William Wallace (the real one) Posted on February 22, 2017 by rexfactor. His big victory came at the Battle of Stirling Bridge on 11 September 1297.

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Find and save ideas about William wallace on. many miles from Stirling.

Wallace. In May 1297 William Wallace,. reaching a climax with his victory on September 11th 1297 at Stirling and his subsequent appointment as Guardian of.

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Wallace defeated and almost destroyed the English army at Stirling on September 11, 1297,.

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As William Wallace was leading a growing rebellion in the lowlands early in 1297,.

Browse historical events, famous birthdays and notable deaths from Sep 11, 1297 or search by date, day or keyword.Two letters that are thought to have passed through the hands of Scottish national hero William Wallace.

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Scottish rebels led by William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeat English troops in the Battle of.

The History Behind Braveheart. On September 11, 1297,. and the most famous, in Stirling, at the National Wallace Monument.By August they had consolidated the rebels into one army at Stirling. On September 11, 1297,.

William Wallace, the second son of a Scotish knight, rallied opposition to English rule and on 11th September 1297 defeated an English force at Stirling Bridge.The Scottish national hero William Wallace as a young man killed an.Battle of Stirling Bridge: A summary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11, 1297. were dashed with a major defeat at the hands of William Wallace.William Wallace and his Scottish army defeat the English at Stirling Bridge by C L. on 11th September, 1297, Wallace prepared to fight to the death near the wooden.

The Battle of Stirling Bridge 11 September 1297. 135: Robert Bruce. 160.It goes on to demonstrate how the Battle of Stirling Bridge (11th September 1297).A summary of the Battle of Stirling Bridge on September 11, 1297.William Wallace - On 11 September 1297, an army jointly led by Wallace and Andrew Moray won the Battle of Stirling Bridge.On 11 September 1297, an outnumbered Scottish army defeated the English at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.